Soria, Gastón

Soria, Gastón

Gastón Soria, PhD.

Dr. Gastón Soria graduated in Genetics de in 2005 at the National University of Misiones. He performed his MSc and PhD thesis at the Leloir Institute of Buenos Aires, and obtained his PhD degree in the University of Buenos Aires in 2010. In his PhD he mainly worked in molecular aspects of DNA replication and cell cycle control.

In 2008 he performed an internship in the Department of Genetics of the Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands to specialize in sub-nuclear damage induction methods.

Between 2010 and 2012 he performed a postdoctoral training at the Institute Curie in Paris, where he focused in the crosstalk between chromatin ultrastructure and double strand breaks repair. In 2013 he got a tenure-track position at the Argentinean National Council of Science and in 2016 he was promoted to Adjunct Researcher.

Dr. Soria authored 12 publications in prestigious international journals, obtaining around 600 citations and reaching an h-index of 11. Details in the following link:

Dr. Soria currently leads a project focused in the identification of new targets and compounds to induce synthetic lethality in cancer cells with known deficiencies in DNA repair pathways. Most of the funding of Dr. Soria group comes from translational grants such as PICT-Startup and PAE-GSK from the Argentinean Ministry of Science. Dr. Soria is currently coordinating a consortium grant constituted by 14 research groups and is the Director of the Screening Node of the consortium.