Research Projects

In recent years, we have focused on studying agronomic traits that influence the food quality and food safety:

•Biochemical and molecular basis of peanut seeds resistance to aflatoxigenic Aspergillus colonization.

Resistant and susceptible accessions to aflatoxin contamination have been identified in a germplasm collection. In these accessions, the metabolic and genetic studies have led to relate specific defense pathways with the resistance to aflatoxin contamination. We are currently studying the role of oxylipins and protease inhibitors as defense mechanisms in peanut seed against fungal infections.

•Nutraceutical (natural substances that have therapeutic action) and organoleptic properties in the tomato fruit:

We have developed an analytical platform to study the composition and bioactivity of metabolites in tomato fruit. With these tools we are participating in different studies with national (Dr. Carrari F., INTA, Dr. E. Valle, IBR,. Dr. I. Peralta, Fac Agrarias-UNCuy, Dr. Santiago A., INFIQC-UNC.) and international (Dr. M. Rossi, USP-Brazil) laboratories:

-Characterizing composition and bioactivity of antioxidant compounds in a population of tomato landraces from Argentine northwest and wild species.

-Studying the regulatory mechanisms of tocopherols biosynthesis in tomatoes.

-Studying in the nematode C. elegans the biochemical and molecular mechanisms involved in stress resistance and aging of tomato bioactive compounds.

-Studying compounds related to tomato flavor, through the integration of metabolic composition analysis (volatiles compounds, sugars and organic acids) and sensory analysis.


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