Research projects

Our objective is to contribute to the understanding of the biological function of nitro-fatty acid and electrophilic molecules in different inflammatory models. These bioactive molecules are highly reactive with nucleophiles inducing posttraslational modification (PTM) in important regulatory proteins. This modification is responsible for changing the biological function of target protein such as catalytic activity, traffic and cellular localization. Nitrated lipids formation increase in inflammatory environments of atherosclerosis and immune disorders.

Therefore, our lab is currently exploring how nitrolipids modulate scavenger receptors (CD36, SR-A and LRP-1) in monocytes-macrophages and their relationship with atherosclerosis. The expression of scavenger receptor in monocytes-macrophages is clinically relevant because of the direct association with the grade of atherosclerotic lesion. CD36 and SR-A mediate the uptake of abnormal lipoproteins (oxidized and acetylated-LDL) which induce the transformation of macrophage to foam cell in the atheroma plaque. Thus, our overall mission is to identify novel mediator, pathways and critical target for these molecules as possible anti-inflammatory candidate to regulate the development of pathological process such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 


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